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Can we make a donation?

Yes, we can accept donations online via our MyDonate page – thanks!  100% of all donations we receive will go towards looking after our hedgehogs.  Note that MyDonate does make a small charge for credit/debit card fees (1.3% of donation on credit cards and 15p for each debit card transaction) but does not make any other …

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Do you do talks?

We have done a few talks in the past, both to adults and to school groups.  However, work commitments currently mean that we cannot do talks during school hours.  If you are interested in us giving a talk, or manning a stall, please use the “Contact Us” page.

Do you take volunteers?

At present, we don’t take volunteers.  This is largely because we are based in our home, so we’re not too keen on having people we don’t know in our house.