As our name suggests, we’re based in Sandy in Bedfordshire.  We take in sick or juvenile hedgehogs from the surrounding area (primarily Sandy, Biggleswade and surrounding villages) although we only have a limited capacity and hence may not always be able to take in new hogs.  We are a small charity (which means that we are registered as a charity with HMRC and hence can claim Gift Aid on donations, but that we don’t need to register with the Charities Commission).

If you find a sick or injured hedgehog or see one out during the daytime:

  • secure it so it can’t run away – for example, put it into a box or (if you don’t want to touch it) put a box over it – but make sure it’s heavy enough so that it can’t escape
  • see here for further advice

We can only take hogs from Sandy, Biggleswade and immediate surrounding area.  If you find a hedgehog that needs help and you’re not in that area, please see our other rescues page for details of other local rescue centres.  (This list is out of date but will be updated shortly.)

We also have an FAQ page, which currently just covers talks, volunteers and donations – but we will expand this as and when we can!